• Anthony DePalma

Fantasy Island

Yesterday's (6/21) Sunday New York Times Book Review devoted a full page to this review of "The Cubans". Some of you may have already seen it online, but for those who still get the physical paper, seeing the entire page dedicated to The Cubans, under the headline "Fantasy Island," know what I mean when I say it was a thrill. "Thoroughly researched and reported, replete with human detail and probing insight," Arana writes. And she concludes by saying "you won't forget these people soon, and you are bound to emerge from DePalma's bighearted account with a deeper understanding of a storied island. Devoid of bias or facile judgments, "The Cubans" is filled with simple human tenderness that is rare these politically charged times."

Here is the link


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How it all started

This should be a great event and I'm looking forward to getting together, virtually of course, with my good friend Tim Padgett. Tim was instrumental in the very beginning of my research on The Cubans.


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