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                                  Praise for The Cubans:

                                              Richard Blanco: "The next time someone tells me 'I                                                                                    want to go to Cuba before it changes,'   I will insist they read The                                                                              Cubans."         

                                              Carlos Eire:  "If you want to know what the real Cuba is like                                                                            for its natives – as opposed to the synthetic Cuba experienced by                                                                              most tourists  – this book will take you there." 

                                              Mirta Ojito: "This book is a jewel..." 

                                              Jonathan Alter: "...indispensible..." 

                                              Tom Gjelten: "I know of no book that more vividly                                                                                          describes the interior of the contemporary Cuban experience"

                                                                          Ruth Behar: "...profound and eloquent..

City of Dust.PNG

Praise for CITY OF DUST: 

Jim Dwyer: "After 9/11, when the truth was shockingly hard to come by, Anthony DePalma never settled. With careful reporting and masterful storytelling, City of Dust is the essential guide across the heavily contested terrain of environmental safety and medical care for those who served at Ground Zero. Lies are toxic. This book is the antidote."


John Darnton: "For anyone concerned about the long-term health effects of 9/11--or for that matter about the bungled handling of disasters in general--this book is essential. Thoroughly researched, well-written, passionate, it's the final word on what should be done and should not be done."


Chicago Sun Times: "One of the best non-fiction books of 2010."


John Howard, MD. : "The most complete account of 9/11 and its aftermath yet written. City of Dust is a must-read."


A.L. Bardach: "DePalma's rendering of the Matthews/Castro/ Times triangle is an illuminating meditation on some burning media issues."


Miami Herald: "Impressively insightful and sensitive...An important addition to the growing library of stories about a struggle that seems to be endless."


Financial Times: "One of the best non-fiction books of the year."


Jonathan Alter: "The Matthews story is about the power of myths."


National Review:  "A wise, nuanced, and important book, one that says a great deal not only about Herbert Matthews and his failings, but about the press and the way it covers world events.... [R]iveting."

Praise for HERE:

Thomas L. Friedman: "DePalma takes readers on a journey of discovery from one bookend of North America --Mexico--to the other--Canada--and in so doing illuminates much about the United States along the way."


Carlos Fuentes: "DePalma, in Here, offers the view of a gringo with long and deep knowledge of Mexico, Canada ...and the U.S."


Bill Moyers: "Christopher Columbus would turn green with envy at Anthony DePalma's discovery of the North America that emerges in this impressively reported and beautifully written book. You could not ask for a more engaging guide into the new New World that old-timers once called Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Travel  these pages, dear reader, and you will delight that you, too, live Here."


Peter Jennings: "DePalma has had a unique experience reporting from the three nations of North America. As a result, he has written a unique book. This is the perfect time to read it because he has put his finger on the future."


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