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Hey All, 

     This should be a great event and I'm looking forward to getting together, virtually of course, with my good friend Tim Padgett. Tim was instrumental in the very beginning of my research on The Cubans. He introduced me to Caridad Limonta, whom he had interviewed in Miami a few years before while writing an article about Cuban entrepreneurs. Should be fun. The event, sponsored by Books & Books in Coral Gables, is scheduled to go live on Monday, Aug. 31, at 7. It's easy, and free, to register, at the following link. Join us.

Sunday's New York Times Readalong with Sree Srinavasian was great fun. We talked about The Sunday Times, about the coverage in the paper, and of course about The Cubans, as well as my previous book on Cuba, The Man Who Invented Fidel: Castro, Cuba and Herbert L. Matthews of The New York Times. If you weren't able to catch it early Sunday morning, it's available in a number of places. Sree's crew put together this list for me. All available, all the time.



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Sunday, July 26

Sunday with Sree/ NYT Readalong

8:30 a.m. --10.15 a.m.

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May 28 

Where: Watchung Booksellers

              54 Fairfield Street

              Montclair, NJ

Time: 7 pm

May 30

Where:  Politics & Prose

               5015 Connecticut Ave. NW 

               Washington, D.C.

Time: 6 pm


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