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Opposition Leader Jose Daniel Ferrer Tells Pres. Trump to Get Tough on Cuba

Open letter to Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

General coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU).

Santiago de Cuba, June 6, 2017.

Distinguished gentleman,

You receive. And respectable family our sincere and warm greetings.

Mr. President, at a time when many expect the announcement of the policy towards Cuba continue his administration, I turn to you. As head of the largest opposition movement in Cuba and as a citizen concerned about the future of my country, which sees EE .S. the best friend of the Cuban people and the chief defender of freedom and democracy on the planet.

When politics than his predecessor, Barack Obama, had decided to follow regarding Cuba, our organization, the Patriotic Union of Cuba was announced in December 2014, after a thorough analysis, it decided to support the process of rapprochement. For various reasons we believed and continue to believe that at that time it was a clever idea that deserved to be developed. In the worst case, the new stance of the US administration would shed light on what should be the next and most effective steps.

Important goodwill gestures Mr. Obama would destroy the old and false justification of the Castro regime that the US It is primarily responsible for the profound misery in which our people live. also we thought that the dictator Raúl Castro could have chosen to act with a minimum of sanity, and by their desire to deepen relations with US and the European Union, seeking economic benefits, would reduce its repression against peaceful dissidents and independent journalists in our country. But the reality has been different. Castro's tyranny has been benefiting from the goodwill of the American government without giving an inch in its repressive attitude. In the absence of actual pressure from the US and the EU,

During the last year it has tripled the number of political prisoners. Our prisoners are subjected to beatings and torture at a higher suffered in the last fourteen years degree. In 2016 and 2017 significantly increased persecution, arbitrary arrests, beatings, raids and theft of the "enforcement" in foster peaceful opponents. To make matters worse, restrictions and harassment to "self-employment" throw the optimism of those who waited at least greater economic freedom by land.