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Study Guide for The Cubans

For Book Clubs and other groups striving to better understand what is happening in Cuba.

1. Cary, Pipo and the artist, Arturo Montoto, were members of the Communist Party of Cuba (CCP) for many years. Each had different reasons for joining, for remaining and for leaving. What were their motivations? How did belonging to the party affect their lives?

2. Maria del Carmen Alvarez never joined the party or denounced her Catholic faith. What calculations would a Cuban make when faced with cooperating with a regime one did not support?

3. Mari relied on her long family history, her ancient house in Guanabacoa and her passion for Spanish dance to survive the 40 years she spent checking the condition of dead fish under a system that excluded her because of her faith. Was she courageous in dealing with her situation this way, or should she have left as so many others did? Is the way she lived her life different from the way that Arturo Montoto has lived through the revolution?